My first full-time job in the UK 

After 3 months of looking for a position, I eventually got this job as Assistant to the Legal Counsel. It is a rather short period, however I am still very glad to have it.

I started some online training in Excel and PPT as I have forgotten many functions which are often used during work. The good thing is I still remember most of the pieces, which means I will pick it up fast in the new position. I loved PPT since when I was in the university. The first Presentation I made was not for myself but for one of my roommates who was not good at IT literature. I promised I would help her. In fact I did not know much about PPT at that stage. So from this aspect, PPT is quite user-friendly even for someone like me. I spent lots of time trying those different effects because I really thought it was fantastic at that time. It allows music, photos, hyperlink, especially those animations and effects. I believed it was much easier than FrontPage which was previous version of SharePoint. Before PPT, I was keen on FrontPage, and I taught my brother and raised his interest in it as well. Though, they are designed for different purposes as FrontPage was mainly for web designing and PPT was just for presentation. PPT is doing really well and becomes popular, while FrontPage has been taken away from the market. I did not even have an opportunity to say goodbye to what once I loved.

Anyway, come back to the topic, my aim this weekend is to improve my skills in Microsoft package.

It is funny the first thing I was thinking of was actually some smart dresses for the work. I guess the dress code is not as casual as that in an SW engineering department. I went to the interview in my blouse and suit which I know is correct for the interview, but quite old-fashioned. I am not a fashionable person, but I suppose one of the best ways to get along with colleagues from different cultures was to understand their culture or even try their culture. We know dressing is part of the culture, so I will follow the suggestion given by a kind lady on the day when I signed my contract: dress smart on the first day, then later check what others are wearing. Ha, that is the solution. I like that.

Dressing is rather the least thing I should worry about. The biggest concern I have is slang or English jokes in the conversations. I know I will look like an idiot when others all laugh about a joke which I will not get. That I cannot prepare within the 3 days. The best way is to ask someone to explain it until I ruin their sense of humor. Ha, of course not. Only communication and practice will improve this.

I shall look forward to the new position and get ready.
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The cat we met in ROME 

We met this cat in Rome. After two weeks of rain and snow in the whole Europe, there was sunshine eventually. We were very lucky that the weather turned so nice on the day when we arrived in Rome.
We were rushing on our way to another sight (a weekend for Rome is definitely not enough), and saw the cat walking slowly from a part of the ancient Roman city underneath the modern city onto the street.
It stopped under the flowers, lay down, lifted its head up to the direction of the sun, closed its eyes and started to enjoy the sun bath.
After watching it for a while, I slowed down our trip,stood close to it, and also started to enjoy the relaxation, the beautiful sunshine and the ancient city where the cat lives (and found tens of cats lying there with the same gesture shown in the photo).
I know this is a cat with magic, can calm me down and guide me to enjoy life. :D
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Thank Andrew for fixing my blog 

I do feel lucky that I have got Andrew who can create and fix my blog. The last blog I have written was posted in 2008. After 4 years, I feel that it is important to have my own private blog back so that I can record my interesting life in the UK.

I want to write down what I have experienced here. Even though I am not a good writer, neither in Chinese nor in English, maybe one day I can write or hire some one to write my stories about me, a Chinese who has worked, lived and studied in this amazing country.

Things are so different here comparing to China, my home country. Thanks to Andrew for providing me a platform to post interesting stuff!

Computing and IT are so cool stuff - One important reason why I am so keen about IP law.

PS: Is my English writing better than 5 years ago when I posted the first blog here about the bird?
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